Weitkamp Photography


About me

I started photography in 2021 and bought my first SLR camera. After successfully completing the two-year course at De Fotolocatie in Groningen (highly recommended!) I currently make mostly autonomous work. I do this alongside my work as a university hooff lecturer at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen.

As a geographer, I am interested in how people are connected to their environment and how places and people influence each other. My favorite places are public outdoor spaces where you can encounter anyone: streets, squares, parks, or the bus station, for example. As a photographer, I try to capture the interplay between people and their environment, exploring boundaries between spaces, such as the interaction between public space and personal space.

For my photographs, I carefully choose the places, and the time at which I take photo's. Daylight, or darkness, seasonal influences, weekday or weekend, they all determine how we relate to the environment around us. Once I have chosen the place and time, I wait patiently and let myself be surprised by what and who I encounter to capture that one brief moment forever.

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